Dewalt 660 or 611?

If money isn’t an issue, should I be getting the 660 for my mpcnc, or just stick with the 611?

My opinion is always to go bigger, but if there are no real benefits, I’d like to know.

Just food for thought. Bigger means heavier. Heavier means you’ll have to run slower, and you have to worry about the rails sagging more. If all you’re doing is 2.5d cutting, the sagging might not be that big of an issue, might not get holding tabs in the middle, but you’ll definitely not get vertical cuts in the middle.

So you’re thinking I’m better off with the 660 then?

I’m looking to use the cnc for wood ( mostly ply up to 3/4 inch thick ), aluminum (MAX 3/4") plexi etc. I don’t think I’ll ever use it for anything thicker than an inch or so.

I don’t see why that wouldn’t work. It might take an extra pass or two to cut that thick, but I’m not sure if you could plow through that much with this machine anyway. You can always upgrade later if it’s not doing what you want too.

True enough! Thanks for the input!