Dewalt 660

What does everyone do with the power cord of their 660?

I find that the firm rubber sleeve that comes out of the router restricts the movement of 1 axis by like at least 50 mm. I was contemplating either trimming it back or off completely then fixing the wire somehow so it would not move around whilst cutting.

I pulled the working end of the router off and rotated it 90 and reattached it. This makes it stick out 180 from the mount and keeps it mostly out of the way. You can see a picture in the dust shoe thread.

Perfect. Wasnt sure if that was possible. Thanks Barry.

I took the stiff flex thing off and Zip tie it to the gantry, then across to a roller.

I took mine apart, since it is wired into an outlet with a dimmer switch to control the rpm, and removed the switch and ran the power cord through the top hole the the button to turn it off was. It was a little loose, but a little heat shrink and it was fine. Now the cord goes out the top.

Hmm… I like that idea Joel. That keeps it totally outta the way. Should be easy enough.

Another question re DW660… I have a small assortment of 3/16 bits that were given to me. Is there a way or a collet to for this router to a 3/16 bit?