Dewalt DWP611 for $100

If anyone is interested you can get a DWP611 for $100 through Amazon. Dewalt is running a promo on certain items, spend $100 or more and get an instant $20 off. Amazon sells the DWP611 for $120 and change (cheapest I’ve seen it) so the total comes out to $100.27.

I was just using mine by hand, very worth $100.

It’s a very popular woodworking router. Jay Bates made a neat little router table for it too. I wish I had bought the plunge base. Also, I wish all my 1/2" collet bits were 1/4" now.

hey folks,

im in the process of bulding my mpcnc, still up in the air about what rouer to use i have both 660 and dwp611, just wondering what pros and cons of either one? rom people that have used them?



Best to stick with the recommended. MPCNC=660, LowRider =611