Did I fry my board?

Never really had to mess with these power supplies, but I brought my DVOM to work…

Not connected to the board I get 12.3-12.5V DC.

Connected to the board I get a range from 5V - 11V (nothing else is connected).

I’m surprised that I get a pretty consistent 12v out of the PSU… something inside it must be cycling when a load is applied? This really hasn’t confirmed my diagnosis of a bad PSU since the voltage could just be fluctuating as the board powers up and then powers off. It’s still early for me, but I guess I won’t know for sure until I throw another PSU (arrives this evening) onto one of these boards.


Keep us posted. :wink:

Did you order the same power supply as you had or a different one?

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I ordered the same PSU.

Honestly, I’m so motivated to get this project up and running that I ran out of patience. Moment of truth should be tonight when I get home testing PSU #2 on Board #1.

Thanks for the support.

I promise I’m not ignoring your input, I just wanted to get the thing running on all the recommended hardware first. I will probably end up with GRBL and the PSU that you’ve been having luck with, it will just be shortly after I get all the kinks out. Maybe I’ll try out the Einsy board and get some of that nice quiet Trinamic goodness. Who knows!

My theory is this: if I go with the recommended setup, I’ll have a much larger pool of people to help me diagnose and troubleshoot if things go wrong. Once I know the machine is mechanically and electrically sound I’ll have a starting point to start tweaking the hardware. Going after hardware that few people have experience with right off the bat will likely cause a ton of frustration.



I was in such a rush to get home and try the new PSU that I forgot the connector and my wire strippers… managed to get it prepped with a sharp knife and touched the leads EXTREMELY carefully to the board.

NO MORE FLASHY FLASHY! So, I’ll take PSU #2 into work and throw PSU #1 in the garbage.

Anyone want a mini-Rambo? lol


I wouldn’ throw out your other power supply. I’d keep it. You can use the power cord for the power supply I showed you when this one quits or goes screwy. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the help!

It’s Alive!

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Alive and the drawings look great, glad you stuck with it.

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Honestly, it was a blessing in disguise that the machine was down for a little while. I got to make custom length harnesses, wire it up the way I wanted and do a lot of the little stuff that I would have skipped over had it been running immediately. lol

Sweet! This sort of thing can go either way, some get really irritated, some find other things to spend time on. It has been a rough few days I am super stoked to break the streak and finally have someone that is satisfied. I /we are doing our best, but for some that isn’t enough.

Here’s the deal. You did a great job designing a machine, putting together a hardware package, and keeping things extremely affordable. I feel for you man… I can tell that you’ve got a lot of personal pride/time/effort in this project.

Thanks for all you do, and I’m glad you’re so committed to this stuff.


What do you use for a gcode sender? And what pp do you select from the down drop in vcarve?

Repetier host should be the go to, if you do not have an LCD and sd card, but there are others.