Digital Inspection Microscope

I just put together this inspection microscope based on the raspberry pi, new HQ camera module and a microscope lens from pimeroni. It gives a very good full HD image over HDMI at 30fps and runs on all the pi versions including the Pi zero. It has a max working distance of about 11 inches, or 270mm that is good for surface mount soldering and can zoom in to a fairly high magnification. It badly needs a decent mount but the performance is pretty good for the price if you already have a raspberry pi. It might be fun to collaborate on the mpcnc mount design if anyone is interested.

Oh, that’s nice. I have found that when I have a good microscope camera, my soldering is way better. It is surprising that the limit isn’t my fingers, it’s my eyes. I currently have a USB microscope attached to a pi on my electronics desk. This looks much better.

Yes my eyes are the problem now even though I’m near sighted. I’m hopping I’ll be able to handle 0402’s with this setup. I have played with USB microscopes and this is way better, close to the Tagarno I think.

I use the cheap Chinese ones for my stamp collection, and have for years now. It would be nice to have one that has a higher base resolution. Most of them say “5MP!” and sort of interpolate the 320x240 image up… :slight_smile:

This setup would be perfect for stamps.

Man, that would come in handy as a second input to one of my monitors…

The new rpi HQ camera is super exciting. Cameras, telescopes, easy octoprint setups etc

Now if it didn’t cost so much…

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i did try the lens with the original pi camera (5MP) and printed a custom C mount. It does work if you remove the original lens and you could lower the cost that way as well as use a pi zero.

Hi, this is my first post here, found this forum post while trying to do some research for one of our clients.

My name is Jason, and I work for nspek. We are a digital inspection and data collection software, and recently we had one of our clients trying to upgrade their inspection game by adding a digital microscope camera to their mobile device (it’s a robust tablet, but he also wants to use it with his android phone.)

Most forums say to check if anyone has ever built a Microsoft lens for the raspberry Pi, and then check the compatibilities with our web based app… Now, I’ll be super honest, I have no idea how or if this will work. We use a Progressive web app tech to be compatible on most mobile devices but, can you point me in the right direction in order to buy a ready-made solution instead of programming all from scratch?

I don’t know how much help this is going to be. I am pretty sure you could easily find something that does this already, and I don’t know what that is.

My best example of using something like that is octoprint though…it is a big piece of software and one of its functions is to present a USB camera in a web interface.

The way it does it is by creating an mjpeg server on the raspberry pi. Then the web interface just streams that mjpeg to the screen (and it can also save snapshots and create a timelapse with ffmpeg).

If you are familiar with Linux, you can probably easily set up mjpeg-streamer. If you are also interested in a shortcut. And know bash, these are the exact instructions used to configure mjpeg-streamer in the octoprint image octopi:

But there must be an easier way, right? IP cameras exist with builtin interfaces and mjpeg streaming. I have no idea if you can find one without a sensor, but with the ability to hook up a digital microscope.

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You might check out this website:60+ ESP32-CAM Projects, Tutorials and Guides with Arduino IDE | Random Nerd Tutorials

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Hey @jeffeb3 and @mbamberg,

I took a look at those 2 sites/links … slash solutions :smiley: and I have to be mega honest: I think I am way over my head with this. We have a team of 12 fullstack developers with great depths of knowledge of databases and C++ and C#. They spend most their time managing our nspek data collection app, and also creating mobile forms for our clients who then use our software as a digital inspection tool

Do any of you, (I don’t know if it’s allowed in this forum) be willing to do some consultation for us for a couple hours? Please send me a private message with an hourly rate.