Direct drive Extruder fixing.

Hi, I went to some of the build pictures, to figure out how fix the extruder. I’m likely to order the

I believe it’s fittet similar than the Titan Aero, no I was looking for that specialized bracket for the Titan, but after looking at some of the other builds, I believie it’s fitted the same way as the MK8 with the bracket bracket

I’m just wondering if it a strong enough fit, especially with one of those Pancake-steppers

The BMG has a 1:3 ratio so those should do fine, I might eventually go for a 22mm or 25mm one.

Any thoughts about, I might missing a step or two here.



The strap should be fine, as long as the stepper is long enough to fit it before the plug.

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Yep might be better to go at least for a 22mm, I measured that’s about the lowest limit, eventually even the next bigger one.

Do you guys just clamp the stepper as it is, or but something in between like a rubber to make it more secure. I guess a additional heat sink at the end of the stepper could never hurt.

Update: I’m just printing your version of the bracket, couldn’t see the bottom plate on the Thingiverse picture until I loaded it into the slicer, that’s exact the thing I was looking for. Thanks.

I forgot I had loaded that :).

For the lurkers, It’s. here:

The strap worked for a while, but it did deform a bit. Either from the heat of the stepper, or the amount of tension.

Great, for the heat, how about putting some layer of aluminium foil in between and let it sticks out a little. Looks like s… but I’m more for practical solutions rather to win a design award.

Was looking at the Triangllab clone for the BMG clone, they seem to have great products for clones, however the extruder would go over the 22€ limit in Europe, so I went for another cheaper one.


The motor is made of metal, so some foil probably wouldn’t be much help. I had my motor current a bit too high, and with a 3:1, you do not need it very high.