Disable End Stop swith option in Marlin


I do not want to use endstop swich in my MPCNC.

I put the firmwate to my Arduino, Ramps 1.4 board, but after start 3d print the machine want to go homeing position.

It can not do becouse I do not have end stop switch.

I do not wan to use endstop switches only want to put software limit, and that is it.

Can anyone help with me, how can I switch off in software homeing and end stop ?

Take out the g28 command from your slicers start gcode.

Ok, thank you, but how can I switch off The End stop modul ?

You can change the firmware but you don’t need to, just don’t plug in endstops and don’t issue a g28 command.

I want to change it in firmware.

I do not want to delete every time from G-code G28.

Please tell me nice engineering solution.

This forum probably isn’t the best place to request firmware features like this one. It is best to use the Marlin github issues register instead.

I think someone else has requested something like this already, this link is something similar to what you are after in terms of a firmware change:

Register yourself on github and add to the existing request what you think you need and thinkyhead might tell you what to change.

(Could be as simple as changing the G28 code in marlin_main.cpp near line 7300 to something like:

case 28:
//gcode_G28(); // comment this C code line out using double slashes as shown


How is it going to know where “home” is if there isn’t end stops? Home and zero are or can be two different positions. If you hit issue a G28 with no end stops your belts aren’t going to like you.

I think it’s just a language barrier. You do not have to delete it every time, in fact you are actually inserting it every time.

Shown on this page under slicer edits, it is shown, remove the g28 command. https://www.v1engineering.com/import-extruder/

Attached is a pic from simplify3D, just deleted that command and it will not add it to your slices.

There is absolutely no reason to touch the firmware, you gain nothing.