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Hello , I have a problem with the mini rambo card or the display. I just plugged in and set up my cnc low rider. At the beginning I have a display on the screen, but when I touch at the end it reboots. Now I have more display. The rambo card is powered. I buy all the components on your site

Thanking you

@forrestw just had this issue. The fix appears to be reflashing the mini rambo, but Forrest also disconnected and reconnected the screen. Maybe Forrest could shed some light on what other steps he took.

@vicious1, do you have any ideas why this might be happening? I’m assuming the firmware I linked is the same as what you’re putting on the mini rambos (it’s from you). There’s no way the full rambo code could accidentally have been flashed, is there?

Well first you have to install Arduino 1.8.9 here. Has to be that version.

Go to this site and click on on green download button. Save the file to desktop or somewhere easy to remember finding.

If you don’t already have an archiver program, I recommend dowloading and installing 7zip or winrar.

Once all the above is done, use the archiver program to extract files to desktop.

You will need to open and find the Marlin.INO file. This will bring up a Folder called Marlin-MPCNC_MRambo_T8_16T_LCD. (Bugfix 2.0.x didn’t work) Open that, then open the folder name Marlin, you should see a Marlin, with blue round icon. That is the one you want to open in Arduino, which can be done in Arduino or by double clicking it.

Then you have to follow instructions posted here, scroll down to how to flash the board section of the page follow steps closely. I chose configuration_h tab in Arduino program. Once it say done uploading with no errors, you can connect the LCD screen but make sure you are putting the right connectors on and in the right direction.

Good luck

Yup, that has happened before. The the way shows all sort of LED’s but full to mini is stealth and just doesn’t work right. I only do a few boards at a time typically so hopefully we don’t see any more of these.



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