Diy panel saws?

Anybody have a favorite design? I’ve got some printed parts left from my mostly scrap cnc, and I think I could rig those to some tubes and a plate such that my saw was positioned between the tubes and the wood to cut.
Cross cutting not necessary at this point, 4 ft is likely the max I’ll need in the near future, don’t really care about counter weights or springs either. Wall mounted, vertical free standing, or flip down horizontal doesn’t matter either.

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Check out this site for inspiration.Clipping a circular saw into the carriage with toggle clamps allows you to rotate the saw 90 degrees really easily. Simple locking cams to hold position. Very KISS.

And you could easily route the inset for the saw sole with any of the MPCNC’s.

Sorry for all the fast edits. I’d probably put rollers along the bottom to help position the work piece and have the vertical tubes be fixed rather than try to slide the whole saw guide back and forth. I’d expect anything that held 4’ would balance an 8’ full sheet well enough to break it into manageable pieces.

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I’ve seen that one. It’s what got me thinking about what I need and don’t need. Super fancy, great find, just way more than I need. I’d probably build something like that for a second project if I outgrow a smaller setup.

Whaaaat in for a penny in for a pound. I thought about having one raise to the ceiling but the I would have to walk stuped over as well as around the clutter

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When it comes to KISS, it’s hard to beat a cutting guide made from 2 layers of 1/4" sheet material glued together then trimmed to perfect size with the saw itself.


Yeah, I’ve got one of those and managed to screw it up, too, lol. Aside from that, I’m working out of my garage right now, so no usable table space, which means I’m up and down from the floor while measuring, marking, and cutting. Just no fun. Plus, I usually forget that I have an extra half inch set on the blade to clear it so when I go to cut a sheet without the guide, it goes through the sheet, through my foam, and…well…my garage floor has a few scars now, lol.

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Someone posted this on facebook a while back


Hmmmm. I’ve got some of those low rider parts, too.

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That was @awoolbert, IIRC, posted here too. Looks good to me.

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I should mention, if I remember correctly they had to scale up the low rider parts using the slicer in order for them to fit the conduit they were using. I don’t know what size conduit that is but I don’t believe there is a low rider version designed for emt conduit anyway. Given the length of the conduit and weight of the saw I’m guessing they had to go bigger and stiffer.

Ah, good call. I think this is the thread: Straight Line Rip Saw

The brackets are printed at 115% to accommodate the 1" conduit I used from Lowes.


But the saw can touch the panel or not it does not matter they are designed to make through cuts. The only thing would be collapsing and that should be taken care of if it is structurally correct. The thin aluminum guides work well so this is orders stronger

I just use my Festool panel saw… Shaneh got it for me for Christmas many many moons ago.

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