DIY resin wash station

I think I just found the easiest DIY resin wash station.

The container fits on the platform perfectly!


That’s really neat.

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With the variable speed I imagine It wouldn’t be too hard to design and print parts to add a rotating table that works with the magnet and some uv leds to make it a 2 in 1.

The gear shaped stir magnet seems to be the best so you could opt for the single option and spend less.

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I have always wanted a reason to own a magnetic stirrer. So now do I get a resin printer or start doing some chemistry?

That is a pretty solid fit, great find!

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Nice kit! I have been in search of the perfect second container for my Mercury Plus wash and cure. So far nothing that fits both the build plate and the basket… turning out to be not such an easy task. The nice thing about diy is you can easily source a second container. It is nice to have 2 for a second wash. The IPA lasts much longer that way.

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I got one of those, and some 4" bar magnets to wash prints from my Saturn.

Can you just put the magnet holder into the bottom of the print, and make the whole print spin/mix?

Also, I imagine it would make the fastest koolaid.


I used to work with electro plating and we a big tanks for copper and nickel and little beakers for precious metals like 24k gold, rhodium, rose gold etc. I came across the anycubic wash station and figured a stirring plate and a large container would do the job for a fraction of the cost.

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You probably could but I think having a tray like table that allows for spin but also catches any run off from the print so it doesn’t damage the mixer.

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I was thinking the print would spin, under water, in the mixer dish, because it was attached to the magnet.

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Oh! I see! That’s an interesting thought. :thinking:
I feel as though that would add unnecessary work and many prints would be difficult to do that. For instance
a character standing on just their feet or pegs protruding from said feet intended to fit into a stand.

Yeah. I was mostly kidding. I haven’t done any resin printing.

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I use a magnetic stirrer for testing pool chemicals because I’m lazy.


I managed to find some containers that fit my mercury plus. Designed and printed some stirs for 608 bearings and some assorted magnets I had laying around. I used some resin to glue the bearing post to the bottom of each container. I found out the hard way one pair of magnets I tried was not strong enough (or my impeller was too aggressive for them). The motor rpm ramps up a bit fast and sometimes weak magnets let go and just sit there vibrating. So this is not as simple as just dumping some magnets in a bucket.

The result with my new stirs is nice… strong enough to pull bubbles into the vortex easily.

Btw… still have tons of 608’s leftover from my mpcnc build… will get through them some day lol.

This is what I use, with a 4" magnet stir rod from Amazon.

here it is with a failed attempt of a bearing stirer.

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I like that! I installed a removable magnetic plate on the elegoo mars pro. I can wedge it with just enough friction to hold it in place under the surface of the isopropyl I have used it twice now and it’s amazing compared to simple green and ultrasonic.

This is my younger brothers printer and he hasn’t used it much since he got it but I think that’s because he chosen cleaning method was tedious and time consuming. So this was an attempt to make things easier for him. I think this has accomplished that. Drop your print and plate in and max the stirrer for a few minutes. Pull it out and let it evaporate or if it’s not to fragile hit it with some compressed air.