Do End Stops Need Dual Firmware

I’m planning on getting an MPCNC with the 3d printer addon, and end stops. But don’t know if the end stops needs the dual firmware software, and the 3d printer addon doesn’t work with dual firmware. (I don’t know if this has changed or not) Also, I’m using the RAMBo Series Wiring Kit.

Endstops can be used with normal series wiring. You will need to double check if the firmware expects normally open or normally closed switches, because using a touch plate is going to use a normally open configuration.

Agreed, they also do not need to be used with printing, it only really kinda helps homing the Z axis. If I print with mine I do not add endstops. It is not like a 3D printer the MPCNC is easy to move on all axis and there is no Z level to worry about.