Do I need M919? BTT SKR V1.4 Turbo

Hi guys,
I downloaded the V1 Engineering firmware for the BTT SKR V1.4 Turbo and reconfigured it for my display type and machine size but I got these errors. From the looks of it the first one seems like a sanity check and second one looks like the function for the M919 command. So I commented both out and the firmware compiled successfuly. Can I upload the firmware as is?

The firmware at least compiles as configured. I would revert back to the version from MarlinBuilder releases, make sure you get a clean compile, and then change one small thing at a time.

The sanity checks aren’t there to give you trouble, they are meant to unearth more difficult problems. If they are tripping, you better at least understand why before disabling them.

You can flash it if you want. But then, instead of a compiler error pointing you to the problem, you will have to figure it out by trying to run the machine. It will make it 10x harder than fixing it before the compiler.

Fail early, fail hard

From that page there is only a firmware for 8825 drivers preconfigured.I checked the trinamic folder and there isn’t a M919 file soo it will definitely compile without a problem.I don’t understand how this file is missing.
Edit: I did try to compile it and it did compile.