Does anyone know when the control boards will be back in stock?

New here, my apologies if this has been answered somewhere else. I’ve got everything I need except for the control board (all of which are currently out of stock). Does anyone know when they plan on getting another shipment? I would like the dual end stop version (and to run a laser) so I’d prefer to go with the full sized Rambo board. I also see that they sell Rambo clones on Bang Good, are they good enough quality to be worth it? Or is the a better place to buy them? I like the idea of the firmware pre-installed but don’t mind doing it myself either.

Thanks all!

Best bet is to go to the shop and sign up to be notified when the board(s) you’re interested in are back in stock.

According to the contact page: Rambo Boards are on order but Ultimachine is doing their best to keep up with increased demand. Next shipment due Mid January 2021

Clones are somewhat risky, as Chinesium is notorious for releasing magic smoke, or desoldering connections. Otherwise, keep an eye on the Contact page, or as Paul said, sign up for notifications.

I’ve signed up for that as well I just wasn’t sure if it was going to be years lol. That’s great, sounds like I don’t have to wait too long. Thanks a lot!

That’s what I was worried about. Forget the offbrands! Thank you!

Just so you know, if you click the ‘contact’ link on the home page, there are usually updates of when things are expected back in stock.

I had no idea and would’ve never thought to check there. That’s very helpful, thank you!

I just got notice they have shipped me a small portion of my order, so you might get notified and find they are still out of stock, the rest are due to head out any day.

Great news. Email notifcations: SOUND ON!

I can’t help but wondering @vicious1 is there any particular reason why you don’t propose an alternative to these boards?
Alternatives being the chinese clones or even some entirely different board.

Not necessarily as a primary choice but at least as a backup (people could choose between the original and the clones).

It’s nice to be loyal and all, but if the guys who make these boards are not up to the task of manufacturing and honoring their orders in due time, then you don’t need to bear the consequences of their unprofessionalism.
I’ve seen lots of people complaining about these boards not being available for a long time, I guess that’s a lot of sales you lost because of this unreliable supplier.

I do, the SKR Pro…but we bought out all of their supply as well. Big tree tech is currently out of stock with a large order from me pending. So both good board suppliers are out.

I am also waiting on details for the GRBL 32 based 6 pack controller but that has not spooled up into production yet.
We are in a control board drought.

I have been out of stock on the SKR for 3 days. And the Rambo’s are due in the next day or two. They have been out for about a month. As you can imagine they supply Prusa so I am not going to take priority over them during this scramble for boards.

The pandemic has sent all sales skyrocketing for printers, filament, hemera hot ends have not been available for months, and cnc machines with all those suppliers having limited availability for labor. I could not get black, blue, or silver/grey filament for 2 months.

I do not feel any of these companies are being unprofessional at all. I am just lucky I work from home and do not have to deal with the effects of lock downs and quarantine with a large workforce.

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I guess the better way to say that is the cool stuff to do at home sector is booming and no one can keep up.

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Sounds weird to me though, I work in electronics manufacturing in China and we have no problem whatsoever to get any component, to SMT our boards or to ship to the US. Everything in China has been back to normal since may 2020 up until now.
I’m having a hard time to understand what their struggle is. Not necessarily trying to point fingers, sorry, I’m just curious. :slight_smile:

I wonder what is going on then, BTT said they are waiting on a component and my order is relatively small. Sounds good, hope they just forgot to order it or something.

Actually, I stopped getting the Archims because one of those chips was backordered. Mayne the 32 bit chips are in high demand.