Does anything like Thingiverse exist for CNC stuff

I was just looking for Ideas for stuff to do with my new CNC and wanted to know if anything like Thingiverse existed for CNC carving stuff



This is a good place to start:

Thingiverse actually had quite a few designs. They are tight to find though. Here is one designer’s website, who also posts on tv:

I also like these guys:

I share my dxfs on thingiverse. They do a lot of things right. But it’s not easy. The biggest problem is material thickness. If you’re making a toy, it’s nbd to just scale the whole thing to make the slots the right size. If you’re making something you can scale, then the difference between 3/4" ply and 18mm ply is significant. The second problem is that people use different sizes of machines and bits and they sometimes incorporate that into the design. 3D printing doesn’t have that as much. I pretty much bring every cnc project into CAD at some point.

Try - Its a site that Carbide3D is hoping to get up and started as a CNC thingiverse. Has some cool projects on it but could always be enhanced.

I wish they just let you download the dxfs. There are some neat projects there though.

I did forget that they mainly come in the Carbide .c2d format. That is a bummer. Maybe V1 needs to start a new category in the media tab.

For several of the files I want to find. I use as a search engine. It returns finds for STL and some DXF files. It includes thingiverse in the search.

Also I have had some good luck browsing I let google chrome translate it into english for me. They have a ton of 3D relief files in STL, obj, and even greyscale BMP. I wish I had known early on that Estlcam could use the greyscale images even better than the STL.

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This really has me thinking. Designing purely CNC’d projects would not be easy, but some intricate cuts that use traditional fastening methods to compensate for material thickness would be cool, but at the same time you then run into tool radius differences in the design.

I don’t really use thingiverse for many parts, I check to see if there is something I need but I usually end up doing it myself. For me the design is the fun part. A repository for some cool useful things would be nice though.

Maybe just using Thingiverse but add some sort of CNC specific tag to it? #DXF4CNC?

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it shows

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Just ran across this one and thought I would share.


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