Doggie door

Great Pyrenees are no joke. Think if we ever get another dog it’s going to be a wolfhound.

I was off by a bit. Today was his 16 week vet visit and he was 39lbs.

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Our Pyrenees was wonderful :heart:she lived 11 years and was the best lapdog you could hope for. She also slept on my back in bed 135 lbs of love and affection . A doggy door for her would have been the size of one of the split doors where the top and bottom open separate

Mine destroyed the wife’s flowers on Sunday. He had the biggest grin on his face after.

She ate 10 lbs of charcoal and dug up a 15 foot tall fig tree with my golden retriever the fun never ends. He looks wonderful :heart_eyes::sparkling_heart: you will have fun

That was the mixed lab 10 years ago… She got into the grease bucket I used to clean out my smoker and then threw it up on the brand new carpet in the house we were trying to sell.

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Just a subtle hint that she didn’t want to move. :slight_smile:

They didn’t like being locked out. First had the door in the door, but we moved the dog yard to the side yard.


Awwww That poor baby!!! Look at the dissapointment on his/her face lolol Priceless.