Dot peen engraving

Hello all, its been a while since I have been here regularly, I am sorry.

as some of you know, in addition to being a fan of building things like CNCs, I also make chefs knives. has anyone attached a pneumatic dot peen system to a MPCNC? I did search the forum…


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I have read pretty much every post and I have not seen that. It is really interesting.

One potential problem is that some of the mechanical choices are based on the idea that the Z forces will be mostly downward. Because the weight of the router is great. You may need to install a (gasp) anti backlash nut on the Z. Or maybe just find a way to clamp the Z and add some weight at a fixed height.

What kind of mechanism does the action? Is it pneumatic?

You could try one of these instead. It is electric and lightweight with variable speed and linear throw (as opposed to rotary cutting). I assume you could probably do that remotely like what can be done with the routers. Plus with replaceable tips you could do whatever profile you could grind into one.
I have one for marking tools and have also considered it as an attachment to the machine I’m building to draw out bend lines, or mark drill points, etc. I will say that it is obnoxiously loud for how small it is though.

Have you looked into an air scribe? Or is that what you’re talking about? I haven’t seen it on a v1 machine yet but they are on diy cncs.

I think that’s exactly what I am talking about. I didn’t know that name. thank you. I will dig into it more.

thank you, for $25, I don’t mind trying it to see how it works. great idea

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Happy to help. I hope it works out for you!
I know it doesn’t have control of each individual stroke of the tool, just an on and off, but I think it could work.
I’ll look forward to seeing it in action!

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A new attachment…I am waiting. Did you get to the hardware store yet? :rofl:

I am very interested!

I should make it to the store later today. I may try my initial tests with a pen mount. Or a modified drag knife mount I made that attaches to both size of the z mount with 4 screw

I have the dremel. Covid shot #2 is starting to wear me down. Hopefully I can get to try this tomorrow.


Take it easy, the projects and R&D can wait!

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Mine is tomorrow had covid in December so I’m hopeful I don’t get it again once was bad enough this helps keep my mind clear

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I hacked together my 1st attempt. I know this crowd would be more interested than anyone else.

I use the pen holder and a rigified drag knife holder I hacked together from Ryan’s design.

I think I can clean this up a little by fixing the mounting and tweak the file as far as where the z touches down or drags. This is about 18 mm x 18 mm.


Not bad for a first attempt. To me it looks like it might just be too close, or less pressure.

I think you are right. I think the next attempt will probably start with a modified version of your pen holder. something taller, still rigid in the x,y plane, but some wiggle room in the Z

This is awesome! I’m glad it worked!

Check out this Add-on Pen Holder for inspiration - it includes a contact so it can also serve as a Z zero probe.

This is working. I ran out of time and had to stop the first run early. Here is a sneak peak.