Double belts

Ryan, can you show pictures of the double belts you have been testing?

Just doubled up back to back. Both ends are on separate cable ties, tension has to be applied from both ends to quickly even it out. Two cable ties fit through the end block. Make sure the outer most cable tie is facing in so it doesn’t hit the y cover part.

This is not to apply more tension. I actually think they are much more slack than I had them previously. It just stops the stretch/bounce that comes from had slot cuts and quick accelerations.

I think it has to do with each belt having slightly different tension (different bounce frequencies maybe?). It could be the added rigidity but 3D printers with dual belts have less ringing at higher speeds as well. Who knows. I wanted to get wider belts to see if that helped but the parts are a lot more. Maybe I will order some tonight as this is a pretty janky mod, but it does work I can cut much faster.

[attachment file=42130]
[attachment file=42131]
[attachment file=42132]

Ooo now I kinda want to double up my belts on my mpcnc even though I feel that will do absolutely nothing.

Huh. I think I have enough belt for that. I don’t think I could tell you scientifically if it helped, but it would be a fun mod.