Double Sided Hold-Down Tape Selection

What is everyone’s favorite hold-down tape? I see a lot of woodworkers using carpet tape, but what I’ve seen at Home Depot doesn’t look like what I expected. I’ve been looking for some good options for my woodworking before the MPCNC. Now I have double the need for it.

I use blue painter’s tape and superglue. If you don’t have the glue kicker, you need to let it set for a while first. Tape both sides then glue the tape together.


Thanks. I have all that stuff from woodworking. It has the glue with the spray activator. I’ll give it a shot.

Wow… I never trusted the blue tape and glue method until I saw him fly cut it. I could just see the work piece just shoot off the holder like a ninja throwing a shuriken. At around 8:24 into the video “the cheaper the masking tape, the better it tends to stick” - a little counter intuitive until I realized the “good” stuff was designed to come off the surface easier.

Since this video they found a new tape to use. I can’t remember the brand, but it’s the masking tape pro car painters use. It’s plastic instead of paper. I’m pretty sure they did another video of it, but I saw the tape on a Grimsmo knives video and he said John pointed him to it. The tape can let go, and parts do fly away, but if you keep things clean it works pretty well.

That’s a great alternative to carpet tape!

For a cheap alternative to the super glue kicker you can use a thin layer of baking soda as a glue accelerant. Just knock off the excess lumps and you’re good to go. We use it to weld PLA parts all the time - bonds in seconds and is pretty strong. I may have to try it on this…