Drag Chain/Arm for Z axis

I’m trying to figure out the best way to handle the wiring for the Z axis, I’m leaning towards a drag wire chain that would be mounted on the upper bar axis and angle off to the side (so the middle assembly isnt holding any addional weight) but there is the option of a big arm hanging over it, but I honestly dont like that idea.


Thoughts? suggestions?

Sounds like you’ve got the two most likely methods. A drag chain requires mounting a channel of some sort so the chain itself is held above your work. A sky hook needs some way to turn to follow the movement, or to be high enough that the changes in position don’t allow the cabling to hang too low. I’m using the drag chain method, but because I’m thinking of connecting a vacuum the sky hook is getting more and more attractive.

hmm good point about the vacuum… I do plan on mounting one eventually, might just bite the bullet there then.

Power and the stepper wires are bungeed to the vac hose.