Drag Knife issues

Hello, i am trying to cut some vinyl.
Works pretty good so far however i have a small problem ( about 1 mm haha )
Every sticker i cut has some uncut traces…

Please see the picture to see my problem :

I checked the Gcode generated by Estlcam in another cnc simulator and that looks good.
I used a 0.10 diameter bit as tool setting…

What did i do wrong ?

Use a smaller diameter if you can, and have a look at How I did it by using a lead in/out to over cut.


Thank you, the images are not clickable.
Could you please fix this ?

And a smaller diamter then 0.10 is not possible…

Gotcha, thanks for catching that!

Thnx Ryan! i am a happy man :

Now i can continue building my word clock.
The precision of the MPCNC keeps amazing me.

Looks real nice!