Dragon's Lair Arcade Cabinet 2.0 (Back At It Again.....)

Not sure if I should start a new post since I’m building the same thing? But my other post kinda got off topic, and I sold those cabinets. SO. Here we are again, 5am on a Saturday morning… Been here since 3am working on some odds and ends, and checked my stock… Guess what? I have everything I need to go ahead and cut out the Dragon’s Lair. 2x MDF 3/4"… Check! 1x 3/4 Cabinet Grade Plywood… Check! Ryan’s Amazing CNC Machine… Check! Time… Check (ish)!

I didn’t document as much as I wanted on my previous thread, because that happened right about the same time as the pandemic happened, and I got off track so badly. This thread will serve to update as I build my own personal machine(s). Things I’ve learned along the way, things I’ve done differently, etc. All of that will be here!

So with that being said, let me tell you what I’ve learned… Just tonight alone… So, After quite a few successful cuts under my belt over the past 2.5 years, (and yes KCummins a crown too lol). So I didn’t wanna really admit this because I used to think I had a perfectly flat table, without having to surface the spoilboard. So I noticed in my past 2 cabinet builds, the pockets were shallow(er) on the right side than the left. I take ALOT of time, (maybe too much time) leveling the gantry (x axis on my machine) and I couldn’t figure it out, why it kept happening. Turns out, I wasn’t leveling it to the material, I was levelling it to the rails it rides on. As I realized tonight, and course corrected before I got started, my pockets are all the same depth now. So I’m guessing my rails are outta whack, or the stock is bowed. Who knows. Good to catch these things, I learn so much more every time I fire it up.

So this is getting long and I know y’all are expecting pictures. Here’s a couple. The machine is still running. It just finished all the pockets, and now it’s working on the profile cutout of the first side.

On a side note. I noticed someone had printed out a dust shoe that wrapped all the way around the 611 plate. I liked it, and printed one of my own. Only I did it just a tad differently. Would this work? I’m not sure how much torque the motors have on the z axis during a plunge, and these bristles are pretty stiff.


More pictures of these perfect pockets. I did a depth check on each one, with my calipers, and they’re all exactly 2.54mm deep. Which is exactly what I told it to be. Sorry ok?!! I’m happy I figured it out and now my confidence level is through the roof!

Well I think that will pretty much wrap it up for posting this morning. Although I do plan to cut this full sheet before I leave, I did post alot of this process on the other thread. So I’ll spare you all this part as much as possible. Probably not. lol

PS: Sorry for the blurry pictures, I accidentally set my phone to a lesser quality. I’ll do better in the future :smiley:


Well… Just gonna put this here.

And here


The weight of the gantry always pushes down. So if it can lift all of that up, it can push at least twice that hard down. So I think it will push just fine.

If I was trying to worry, I would be more worried about the gantry tipping or twisting when moving in XY sith the bristles touching the bed. They may catch on an edge and tip the gantry to skip steps.

Harbor freight sells a wooden brush for a few dollars that you could get softer bristles from. But you would have to glue them on or something to attach them.

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Awesome advice as always! I’ll ride by there on my way home. I’m cutting the last piece now, and I think that’s definitely it for me for today. I think the router needs a break haha It’s cut 1 full sheet out now.

Also took the time to do something I’ve needed to do for a while…

My Ms Pacman didn’t have a backdoor. The entire time I’ve owned it, it’s been without a back door. That was, until today. Having a CNC machine is amazing :smiley:


Getting ready to make a fancy box of my own and after seeing this I think I will use some pockets for sure. Makes it look so easy to assemble.

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Oh nice! I can’t wait to see what you build! It will be the holy grail of all builds for sure :smiley:

Those pockets definitely help place everything. I do it on the Dragon’s Lair because of the super weird and funky angles around the marquee area. I’m not confident enough in my measuring skills to get both sides exact own my own haha

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No way. Quick and dirty is my style. I rarely share my stuff because most of it is very rushed.


I’m guilty of that. I always vow to slow down and take my time with things, and then the excitement takes over and I’m rushing again haha

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The project life cycle:

  1. Overthink everything. Plan for all kinds of contingencies that will never arise. Ever.
  2. Start with a methodical and logical build. Plan materials and lay out everything in advance.
  3. Get to 75-85% completion. Run into completely forseeable, yet somehow unplanned for issue
  4. “Screw it” – just make the damned thing work
  5. Use it that way. Maybe that last hacked together stuff gets dealt with. Maybe.

LOL Nailed it

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