drawn over mandrel (seamless) steel tube for frame

I found the following steel tube on eBay:


anyone have any thoughts on this?

Looks really heavy to me with that thick wall.

yup… about $20 to ship 6 of them. I figured a thicker wall would be perfect.

Which size will you build your mpcnc? Too heavy is not good for accelerations… too much inertia.

These would be great for the 4 outside rails.

I was planning on going half sheet, figuring that the thicker wall would allow for a larger work area without having supports for the increased span.

I suppose I could go with a thinner (lighter) wall tube for the xyz… I just worry about deflection in the z axis, although I did not run the numbers.

decided to go with speedymetals.com - 304 stainless. final build dimension will be 36x36x3. I’ve created a build log and will update there. thanks for the input guys.