Drilling holes

I am making some lacing things like this https://goo.gl/photos/gb6i2ZJzBazkmSSj7

They require drilling / milling a lot of holes. I was making the holes 1/8" the same size as the end mill which is ok but I think it would be better if they were a little bigger. So what is the better thing to do get a 3/16" bit or instead of drilling them mill them out with the 1/8" end mill?

The other complication is I am using a dremel for the spindle which only will take up to 1/8" so can I even get a 1/8" shank 3/16" end mill?

I used the helical drill command under drill in estlcam. It worked pretty good but not as nice of results as I got from just straight drilling. I saw chipping and out of roundness on the top side of the piece.

Pretty sure for that, you’d need a downcut bit. Though never use a downcut bit to make a hole that’s the same size as the bit. Needs a place for the chips to go.

I was using a straight fluted bit. I didn’t see a issue with chips but I am not drilling it in one shot it is coming out several times on each hole.

Weird. I’m using an upcut mill in this video to cut the countersinks for my spoil board. Doesn’t look too bad.

Turn down your speakers…