driver issue

Morning ya’ll!

Having issues with drivers. (Mostly I feel like I am missing something super obvious)

This one works:

However, no end stops. The Github drivers: I cannot get windows to recognize. (RAMBo 1.4 with LCD and end stops).

What I am doing wrong?



I am not sure what you are asking. You really should not need any drivers if you followed the instructions and installed the Arduino stuff.

What are you trying to do and what is not happening?

thanks for your response.

I am still at the stage where I am having problems getting movement

I installed the latest and all of the Arduino package.

Which instruction page am I not following?

Is that the one?

Is there a different drivers download page for the end stops?



OK, I’ll be the pedantic, neuro-atypical pinhead…

The driver is what your computer needs to talk via the USB to your controller. I’m somewhat surprised you need this at all, but it’ll be quite generic.

The firmware is what you download to your controller, and has support for endstops, etc. That’s where you get into Marlin vs. GRBL.

There’s also CAM software that runs on your computer. It may or may not be connected to your controller. This would be things like EstlCAM, Fusion360 (with post-processor), etc. The primary function is to generate toolpaths to control your machine. This will likely be the long-term source of pain and frustration. Everything else is workflow. This is art/voodoo…

Finally, there’s… g-code sender/controller software (for lack of the correct term at hand), this would be software on your computer, connected to your controller that sends the g-code generated by your CAM software as well as immediate commands to your machine. Some CAM software has this functionality built in, some don’t. EstlCAM does, I don’t know about others. Other g-code senders/controllers are Repetier-Host, pronterface, and cnc.js.

Sorry, the Aspy OCD was raging hard… Do NOT take this as newbie shaming or bashing. It really helps communication when everyone is using similar vocabulary.

And of course, I expect to be taken to task if I got something wrong. :slight_smile:

Yup, okay from that page you linked.

What type of computer are you using?

Did you buy your Rambo 1.4 from me?



I purchased everything from you. (excluding conduit, router…)

I am running a windows 7 laptop. It is a lovely dell machine from the last decade.

K Cummins,

Thank you for your most through response!

OCD is a good thing when channeled appropriately! (this was appropriate and appreciated!)

Ok, I think I have it. Between flipping all of the directions of the steppers and playing with the invert axis function I finally have home function working and the movement working.

Now I am working with a very sticky z axis I am going to play with it more before posting for help.


Thanks yall!



If you’ve got the board from Ryan, the firmware should be good to go. You don’t need arduino unless you are changing the firmware.

AFAIK, the rambo and mini rambo use a usb to uart chip that does require a driver in windows. Maybe Ryan can correct me if I’m wrong.

Glad it’s working for you, Andrew.

Only in old windows, like windows 7, I believe.

Just found out Win7 support ends in 2 weeks.

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Ah. Thanks.

Yea, we’ve been telling our clients this all year. Next year is going to be fun…

I’ve been doing the same, telling each client W7 support is going away soon. So, of course, I get a machine to work on from a client this week. He tells me there should be no problem since it’s not running Windows 7. Turns out it’s running Vista instead. :slight_smile:

Haha. I will have to look. I think my windows VM is Win7.