Driver Problems with Generic Arudino SOLVED!

I just ran into the strangest problem. I’ve connected my MPCNC to both my laptop (running US Win7) and my desktop (running JP Win7), and the laptop connected with no trouble at all. My desktop however would not connect properly. It could be due to using a different cable. The desktop is much further away from the CNC than the laptop, so I used a longer cable that apparently is for USB2.0. The short cable that came with the hardware kit may be a USB1.1 cable, I’m not sure.

At any rate, if you have trouble installing drivers because it shows up as a USB2.0 Serial device, but never accepts drivers, here is a link to drivers that WILL work.

I just clicked the download button and extracted the zip to my desktop. Then browsed from device manager driver update to install the drivers. Choose the top folder and allow subfolder searching and voila!

There are other drivers that are pretty well labeled below the big Download button, so if the big button doesn’t work, you might need to try one of the other files below. (Linux, etc)

I found these drivers here (, so thanks to DaviV for the link!