Dual end stops for 5/16 firmware

I just rewired my MPCNC, but don’t see a firmware for the 5/16 threaded rod. Is there one available? I’m sure it wouldn’t be too bad to modify, but I figured this would have been supported.

For every single board, 5/16" leadscrew, https://www.v1engineering.com/marlin-firmware/

Those aren’t the dual end stop firmwares though, right?





I was looking for a pre-configured firmware for 5/16th threaded rod. I can just manually update the T8 version on Github,

You want dual endstops for 5/16"? If yes then you will need to update the z steps,1 number, that’s it. Its harder to set the squaring values.

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Just waiting for my last 2 end stop brackets to print, and “hopefully” I will be up and running again. I took this as an opportunity to clean up my super ugly wiring.