Dual Endstop Issue. Y Axis Rams the endstop

Hi Everybody.

I´m finishing the assembly of the MPCNC with Dual Firmware.
I´ve already installed the Dual Endstop on each of X & Y Axis and they are connect to the board as Ryan suggested.
From both ways (Repetier & direct from the LCD Screen) the Y axis rams the endstop when I send to home, it does not stop when either sides endstop are reached.

With the command M119 I´ve checked the endstops status and they are fine NC and if I trigered by hand and check again they change fine.

X axis works fine and makes Home great with both endstop, but Y does not.


Any suggestion???

Thanks in advance

If you manually step in a negative Y direction, does the gantry move towards your microswitch? If it doesn’t, both Y motors need to be reversed.

What board, what firmware, what exactly does M119 say for it’s list of stops available?

No, it moves away from the endstop with positive values, if a I move it back , it goes fine until 0 and it stops there, it does no goes below 0.

It´s a RAMBo dual firmware got it from here.

When the endstops are not pushed/activated by any axis, M119 says:
19:10:16.318 : N17 M119*28
19:10:16.318 : Reporting endstop status
19:10:16.318 : x_min: open
19:10:16.318 : x2_min: open
19:10:16.318 : y_min: open
19:10:16.318 : y2_min: open
19:10:16.318 : z_min: open
19:10:16.318 : z_max: open

When pushed one of each

19:12:31.343 : N18 M119*19
19:12:31.343 : Reporting endstop status
19:12:31.343 : x_min: open
19:12:31.343 : x2_min: TRIGGERED
19:12:31.343 : y_min: open
19:12:31.343 : y2_min: TRIGGERED
19:12:31.343 : z_min: open
19:12:31.343 : z_max: open

Are you sure you have the correct steppers and endstops paired?

Using repetier,

G28 Y

Manually hit both endstops with your fingers, twice, 3 seconds apart (sym a bump). What happens, what direction do they head?

Hi Ryan.


Please see the video and pics.

Endstop are fine and stepers too. Only the closest steper is the one that rams the endstop.

Switch closes and opens fine, tested with M119

If I hit manually twice (3 sec apart) it stops fine!!

I think your endstops are reversed. Ymin should be on the “Y” port while ymax should be on the “E1” port. You are showing “Y” colored stepper wires with black and white endstop on Ymax.




Endstop X1 was on stepper X2


Kind regards!

Thanks, that was exactly what was going on!

Bonjour à tous


Voila ma MPCNC est monter et marche

Mon problème est les fin de course qui ne marche pas j’ai essayer comme sur cette photos

avez vous des propositions


Voila my MPCNC is up and walking

My problem is the end of race that does not work I try as in this photos

do you have any proposals

Thank you

Endstops only work when homing, G28 X Y.