Dual endstop not responding

new build MPCNC primo
first response was X and Y moving away from endstop. So i changed
#define X_HOME_DIR 1 /*Was -1
#define Y_HOME_DIR 1 /*Was -1
#define Z_HOME_DIR -1
now moving in right direction. In pronterface al endstops are triggering normally. When I home the thing the endstop do not stop the motion. (motor skipping)

Are you sure the X1 end stop matches the X1 motor?

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If your machine is moving away from the endstops when you home it, are you sure that it’s moving in the correct directions?

Standing at the “front” of the machine, the “home” position should be close you you on the left hand side. The X motors should be to the left of the trucks, and the Y motors should be towards you. The core’s open side should face towards you and to your left.

Your X coordinates should get bigger towards your right, and Y coordinates should get bigger going away from you. If this is not the case, your work flow is going to be weird, because you’ll have to truck the machine all the way over to the opposite corner to get a reasonable work zero, or else you’ll run it into the endstops instead of cutting the work.

If these are not right, you need to reverse the motor direction, but your X_HOME_DIR and Y_HOME_DIR should both be set to -1. Reverse the motor direction by either changing the motor direction in the firmware, or simply reversing the plugs on the control board.

You don’t state what control board you are using, so I’ll assume that it’s a RAMBo or RAMPS work-alike.

There are 2 X motors, and 2 Y motors, make sure that the endstops are connected properly. Each motor must be correctly paired with its endstop. As labelled on your control board, X pairs with X_MIN, Y pairs with Y_MIN, E0 pairs with X_MAX and E1 pairs with Y_MAX. If you have (for example) X paired with X_MAX, you’ll get all kinds of weirdness when homing.

Use M119 in Pronterface to check the status on your endstops, and make sure that they trigger as expected.


OK everybody…RESOLVED
Thanks for the suggestions
first i did put back the homing direction the way they were
second reverse the motors directions
third switch the X1 and X2 limit switches
now for the Z , skipping. probably to stiff. will losen a couple of bolts