Dual endstop, wiring...

So, here we go, machine almost assembled, wiring done, now need to connect all properly to the ramps…

As I do not want to blow it all at first attempt, here is the wiring according to my understanding, please tell me if I am right (or wrong!).

For my steppers, the pairs Black/Green and Red/Blue are the ones with the biggest resistance.


Looks good to me, I use RAMPs as well (but added a Z probe) - remember to apply small steps (1mm) to test proper stepper direction (if you already attached the belts).

Finalized assembly…Apart of noise, the steppers are going nowhere…
My setup : dual end stop, mega2560-ramps-drv8825-1/32steps-LCD screen
I doubled checked my wiring, when trying to move using 1mm steps from the controller, steppers just make noise but don’t move at all…
Now, i have doubt about the wiring to the board…

Motor wire pairs are Blue/Green & Red/Black I connected there on ramps as 2A/2B & 1A/1B

Can’t see any other problems, as I followed all steps by the books?
Any ideas?

Can we get a picture of the ramps as you have it wired right now? Also, try hitting the home x button in repetier first. The steppers won’t move backwards until you home it. You can home x and y, just don’t touch the home z button.

Here is a picture of my ramps as it is right now !

Does it make a buzzing/chugging sound when you try to move them?

Nop…just fibrillating…


Usually that’s a wiring issue. One of the pins in the stepper cables isn’t making contact.

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Thanks, I managed to figure out the proper wiring!
The machine is now alive, will post video soon!
Thanks everyone for your help!

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So the wiring in the pic you posted is correct?
I’m troubleshooting too for yor same wiring doubt.