Dual endstops on lowrider2

I built the lowrider2 with dual endstops following the youtuber “some old guy coding” everything was straight forward and easy to follow. he used ramps board and I have a Rambo 1.4. my dual endstops on the long axis works as they should, however on my z axis when the right side is triggered the z axis just stops. it doesn’t continue lowering the left side to trigger that endstop. If I manually trigger the left endstop after the right side triggers the z axis will raise a few mm and lower back down until the right side triggers. I have ran an m119 to test the left endstop and it is working normally, I would love your input. thanks in advance.

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Did you edit the firmware which version, what exactly does m119 say?

the firmware is the one for dual endstops, Rambo board. I think the problem is that the 2 z axis ports are driven by the same driver so when the first end stop is triggered they both stop. can you tell me how to make the y2 pins run the second z motor?

What firmware version are you trying to use they are different edit to make that work. The new version you just need to change X to Z in config.adv.

M119 would tell us if you did the edit correctly or not, what does yours say.

the firmware is marlin_mpcnc_rambo_t8_16t_lcd_dualendstop created on 2-28-2020
m119 shows when the z endstops are triggered. the y2 pins are available to put one of the z motors on, but im not sure how to tell the firmware to use the y2 pins for the z2 axis

The important thing to us is the actual labels on m119. Does it have Z2? Zmax? If you paste in the results here, we can instantly tell a lot about how it is configured.

19:51:26.930 : x_min: TRIGGERED
19:51:26.930 : x2_min: TRIGGERED
19:51:26.930 : y_min: TRIGGERED
19:51:26.930 : y_max: TRIGGERED
19:51:26.930 : z_min: TRIGGERED
19:51:26.932 : z2_min: open
the reason for Z2_min to be open is because both z motors are not being driven individually. the Rambo board only has one driver for both z motors. when Z_min is triggered it stops both z motors. my question is this. the firmware is setup on the Rambo board to use the E0 pins for the X2 motor, and the E1 pins for the Y2 motor, I don’t need the Y2 motor on my setup, so where in the firmware can I set those pins to be used for the Z2 motor

  • the other endstops are triggered because they are not hooked up at this time, I decided to only focus on the z axis until I get it figured out

thanks to all who have helped, apparently its already set up in the firmware for the z2 to run on the next available extruder pins. I plugged my z2 motor into the E1 plug and all is working great in the land of dual Z’s :slight_smile: the kingdom has been restored

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Thanks for sharing the output. That makes it much clearer. It will also help the silent observer later.

Out of curiosity, was the Z2 endstop connected for this test?

Yes it was but with both z motors connected to the z pins when the first z Endstop was triggered both motors stoped and the z2 motor couldn’t reach the z2 Endstop to trigger it. But now with the z2 motor connected to the E1 pins it works correctly

Do you possibly still use a Z probe with your setup? I’m about to implement this same setup as far as the endstops are concerned on my Lowrider v2 but I still want to use a z probe so I imagine I’d have to edit #define Z_MIN_PROBE_USES_Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_PIN in configuration.h to something like #define Z_MIN_PROBE_USES_X_MAX_ENDSTOP_PIN?