Dual FW & Dual Endstops

Before I jump in and order the Bundle, hoping to get some clarification:

  1. What is the Rambo Dual Firmware option for?
  2. Seems Dual endstops is to be avoided or not required, but why is that?
I have a few years of experience with 3D Printing and several flavors of firmware, hence the "Dual Firmware" question. And I have dual endstops on my largish CoreXY printer, and would have thought that was normal? But obviously this will be a new realm for me so I am sure I just don't understand.


Thanks! Bill

I’m assuming you’re referring to the purchase option pull down from Ryan’s shop so that means you’ll be buying the kit with a Rambo that is already flashed for Dual Endstop operation, and all the wiring harnesses required for 5 separate motor drivers and endstop switches.

I think Ryan actually mentions “why” buried somewhere in the build pages - Dual Endstop operation adds more complexity to the build, which is already a “complex” system. You have to remember folks that are building his machines have a wide varying range of technical knowledge and different degrees of reading comprehension and dispositions.

IMO - the primary benefit of Dual Endstops is self-squaring and repeatable positioning, which isn’t needed if you’re just engraving wooden signs or drawing pictures.


Erwin, yes exactly what I was referring to - thank you for the clarifications!