Dual Heat beds??

So i was wondering if i can run two 8"x8" MKII heat beds off the single ramps setup? would i be able to do so in series or parallel, or is it to much?

I think that would be to much current, if you used a relay that would fix that. But the problem is i do not know if ramps can support 2 thermistor inputs and 2 heatbed outputs but hopefully someone else might have a better idea than me.

yea, i think i need to figure out how to build a relay and external power supply and run them that way. i have a nice 8x18 build area for 3d printing and want to try printing PETG and ABS with this. might be able to get away with PETG on a non heated bed, but no way with ABS. thanks, maybe i will find someone that will walk me through the building of an external power setup for dual beds.

Isn’t the heat bed power controlled to match the temperature sensed? If that’s the case just sticking a relay in won’t help. You are probably looking at a PID controller for each bed with the setpoint on the controller adjusted by the Arduino (or maybe just a dial you turn). Shouldn’t be too hard to setup a couple of PIDs to drive them…