Dual or Single Endstop ??? which?

Dual Endstop question: Hey so Ryan sent me my board back, it’s in, working, got the right cables in the right spaces the right way, but when I do either the Home X or Home Y one side crashes into the #2 endstop, then stays pressed against the #2 endstop and keeps it closed. I’m guessing this is the normal single endstop edition of the firmware?

I’m not sure what you are saying. If X is matched with Xmin and E0 is matched with Xmax, the side that triggers an endstop should stop moving and the other should keep going.

I am certain I asked you what firmware you wanted on there. You can check by issuing an M119 command and checking the readout.

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When I do M119 I get the report on all four endstops, and they all test fine if I trigger one. Is that the indicator of the version of firmware? Also you did ask me and I replied dual, but I think my reply was a day from your email so maybe we missed eachother.

What does it say exactly?

I’m not at the router now but It will say I believe


x-min open

x2-max open
y-min open
y2-max open
Z-min open
Z-Max open

etc. including Z.

Okay so that is the dual, and you have confirmed the endstops work by triggering them individually and checking m119? If they are confirmed, the only reason for what you are describing is that you do not have the switches matched with the correct stepper.

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Thanks Ryan… so tomorrow eve I’ll give it another try, that makes too much sense! :wink: night.

So Hey, you were right, changed over the X endstops and now it’s homing fine. Thanks Ryan!

Cool, I love when it is an easy fix!