Dual Stop holders

I am attempting to use the dual stop mounts located here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2847042 but when I mount the contact switches on there is almost no clearence between the pins and the bearing. How is everyone attaching the wires?

I haven’t done mine yet but I think I read that people are either bending the contacts or directly soldering the wires


I ran into this problem and simply decided to bend the pins inward so that the wires cleared. I’ve been printing for a while now and it hasn’t been a problem.

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What I did was mount them on the outside, and use a wider printed stop that I found on thingiverse, like this:

There is plenty of room on that side, and the plugs spread apart and miss the bolt head perfectly.

Thanks. That is what’s I tried last night. I did 3/4 and the 5th one broke. Does anyone know a digikey or mouser part number for the replacements? I see a ball version on v1 but was looking for an alternate source.

Well crap, now I feel bad. I bent 3 pins on each of my 4 stops and had no problems at all. (I bent all 3 because I was using the wrong 2 initially.)

I will certainly not recommend this to anyone in the future.

Don’t feel bad. User error. I used a sledge hammer instead of a ball ping hammer

Don’t bend the pins, they are not designed for that. You will almost certainly break them as you have experienced.

I highly recommend finding an alternate solution like the one I posted. I use that solution on my MPCNC and it works perfectly.


If you don’t have a 3D printer, or if there’s another reason not to use the wider mounts, bending them isn’t too risky. You’ll know right away if you broke them and they are cheap parts. To each their own.

Three out of 4 were fine. I actually broke the fourth one getting it out of the old mount.

You could be very close to breaking them and not realize it, and then one time when you go to home, it just keeps moving that stepper but not the other, causing potentially serious damage to your MPCNC.

Bending them should not be the default go-to suggestion, and should not be recommended unless they really have no other option. Hopefully Primo solves this so it becomes a non-issue.

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I have a few micro needle nose pliers that I used to bend it. It worked fine. By the way is Leto Atreides Your real name or just a fan of Dune. If a fan, why not Paul? Leto died in the beginning, :slight_smile:

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There are three Leto Atreides. Paul’s father, Paul’s first child that died as a baby, and Paul’s second child (the twin of Ghanima). Its this latter Leto Atreides that I take my name from. The one that had what it took to put humanity on the golden path when his father could not do it.

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A real fan who read all the books. That logic makes sense to me.

The switches are wired normally closed. A broken terminal would show as Already being triggered.

It’s ok to bend the terminals. It’s how you bend them that matters. A gentle radius works fine. A sharp 90* bend can break it.

Are we talking about the same thing? I bent mine like this and I have a hard time imagining them breaking unless I were to bend them back and forth several times.


It requires a sharp 90 to clear the parts.

The point is, there are. many different ways to attach them that don’t require bending them at all, those should be the go-to suggestions; and bending should only be the fall back if nothing else works.

Yes, we are. It’s great that yours bent just fine. The first one I bent was close to breaking, I stopped immediately and looked for an alternative; and the OP broke one of theirs.

Hopefully Primo makes this a non-issue, but for the time being, is there really any reason to default to suggesting a method that has a non-zero chance of breaking the parts, when there are good alternatives?

I suppose another simple solution would be to just get a micro switch with side or top terminals.

I had no problem at all bending it in my build.
Primo does not have that issue.