Dual Switching Extruder...What do you think?

65euro for the Dual Switching Extruder, what do you think?




Kind of spendy as opposed to a Chimera. It would eliminate the need to set X/Y offsets with the traditional dual throats but you’d likely still need to set different Z offsets or be very meticulous in assembling new nozzles to keep them at exactly the same height. I like the thought of the off angle nozzle getting a wipe. That could save a ton of filament…

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Nope, you’d need an offset in the X or Y axis, the thing rotates but the nozzles don’t end up in the same place. You can see it clearly on the animated gif at the bottom of their page.

First time I saw this system I thought it sucked. But the more I look at it and the better I think it is. It seems to have no major disadvantage at all: no oozing, no waste tower, fast switching, probably no z offset if well assembled… not bad at all.

Only the construction seems to be a little flimsy. On the animation you can see the plastic parts bend because of the servo pushing on them. I wouldn’t worry that they break, but I’d worry that the positionning wouldn’t be very accurate at each swap. Perfect nozzle perpendicularity to the bed is actually, in my experience at least, one of the most important things to get right if you want perfect prints, and this is too often underestimated.

I’d say go for it.