Dual tool mount for laser and dewalt660?

i thought i saw a build on here where someone was using a single mount with both tools on it, i’m attempting to design a similar mount and was hoping to use that as a guide… i guess my question is does anyone else remember who was using this? i can’t seem to find a search term that will bring up whati’m trying to find.

How about this one on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4280980.

It’s a good way to get the optics on the laser really dirty.

I’m currently printing this one! The concept looks amazing!

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this looks perfect, thank you

i plan on counter-acting this by using a vacuum attachment, and a lens cover. any other ideas for keeping the dust out?
EDIT: i just worked out a way to use a servo to move the lens cover with gcode in marlin, currently working on a similarly automated valve to switch between the air-assist for the laser and the nozzle pointed at the bit on the dewalt.

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if i had a low-rider i would definitely look into this

Should be easy to adapt to the MPCNC.

For anyone interested, i have designed my own dual tool mount, here, i have not yet incorporated the automation, but it has an air assist and a magnetic lens cover. definitely very much still a work in progress, but usable for now.

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