Duel End Stops stopped working

Been using this beauty for a few months with no issues but kind of hit a brick wall. maybe someone has seen this issue in the video. Have a feeling its something simple, but still doing my head in.

  1. End stop blocks are equal distance on the x axis (measure with calliper)
  2. End stops work when i press my press home and trigger my hand. Using V1 stock firmware on SKR Pro board
  3. If the steppers are off and i move it around by hand its pretty square.
  4. When i home xy, y is fine but x jams and it wont move the extra few mms to trigger the end stop

Was working fine. Cleaned up the cables and then stopped working. Thought i ruined something but triggering the end stop by hand seems to work fine

Link 1 - Video triggering end stop by hand

Link 2 - Just another angle

Is it possible you have the endstops swapped? X2 endstop is connected to the X1 port?


Yes that was it. No idea how i switched the cables around. I guess i got so flustered i couldn’t see it.

Thank you

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