Duet wifi

is there anyone that has used a duet card in the mpcnc? I have a card but i do not know how to start to get it in the machine.

I like the 7" display for duet. Hopefully someone comes up with a setup for MPCNC....

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I’m doing one right now. Still assembling the mechanicals. I have 3 duet boards (two 3d printers).

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Interested in this as well as I have a duet board and the LCD display.

I’m a couple of days out testing a duet with this. Will let you know my results.

I’m a few hours work away from starting some movement experiments. Looking for a solution for attaching the stepper wires to the drag chain cables at the stepper. Probably a printed affair that clamps to the stepper.

Use the bearing bolts. Little more sturdy.