Dust boot bristles

Where does everyone get their bristles for dust boots? After cutting last night I had a dust cloud in my shop, even with a shop vac running. I’d like to enclose the area under the plate but can’t find a place that has the bristles that I can use in a decent manner.

-Ryan J.

I don’t have any personal experience, but I see people really liking craft foam sheets.


I had been using a foam sheet but it was getting stuck on cuts. It wasn’t until I posted this that I thought about cutting the sheet into flaps/strips so it would move a little better. That’s my goal for this week along with an easier way to mount than push pins. I bought some button magnets so I’m going to try that.

I use a piece of leftover EPDM for my dustboot. Works well.

I wanted to use craft foam. The pandemic has forced a creative resourcefulness since delivery has been thrust back to 90’s-like efficiency. Instead, I’m using leftover tool box liner. The foam is a bit thicker than I’d like but seems to work well enough without causing disruption to the tool path.

I’ve also seem people buy the harbor freight brushes for a few bucks. The real cost is the time wrangling thousands of bristles.

For the LowRider2, this works great!