Dust collection 3D printed

Anyone looking for a dust collection option for a burly?
I 3D printed this one, put it in a box while I was waiting on parts for my primo and forgot about it. After a weekend cleanup, look what I found in a box. Never used it so I’m not sure how well it works, but now that I have a primo and not a burly I have no use for it. I’ll try and track down the thingaverse link. This would have been used for a dewalt 660, I can’t remember if that mattered.

Cover shipping and it’s yours.
Found the thing link Koala Vac MPCNC by Memon - Thingiverse

From My MPCNC upgrades - YouTube

I’ll take it if no one else has stepped up . PM me with the shipping.

Let me know if @billsey Bill changes his mind.