[Dust Collection] ring for attaching trash can to HF filter ring output - Design8Studio Doug Joseph

I hooked it all back up to test it (off camera, sorry), and I am very pleased to report it works exactly as intended: a way to use regular bags (clear, heavy duty) in a regular can, with an easy way to unhook the can and drop it down for emptying. The crucial connection point is the rounded lip on the MDF ring seated down on the rounded lip of the trash can.


The whole approach was dreamed up in 3D using SketchUp Pro. The two-part MDF ring part was CNC cut using my LowRider 2 MPCNC. Glued together, sealed, and toggle clamp fasteners attached. The wooden “inserts” (that the toggle clamp latches attach to) were made by shaping (on belt sander) to get the plywood curved to hug the curve of the can, and rounded on top to fit under and into the lip at the can’s top. I laid down a bead of silicone in the groove the H.F. separator ring got inserted into.

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Note: I have a big canister filter (from Wynn Environmental) mounted on top of my HF dust separator ring.

Also, I just found out about the Donaldson P181038 Air Filter, which I understand is also Merv 15, yet about half the price of the Wynn. I could have saved some dough!