Dust Collection

I cannot find any info for the dust collection on the LowRider 2. What size hose/pipe connection to the dust collection port? My shopvac hose hard end doesn’t fit. 1 1/2" PVC doesn’t fit. Not sure how to get this connected so I can stop the MDF snowfall in my shop.

Dust collection is important for sure to keep the mess down. I ended up 3d printing out an adapter to go some vacuum hose I had left over. It’s an easy solution I’ve found to the incessant challenge of hose fitment and adapters.




Nice. That’s what I was figuring I would need to do. Would you be willing to share that adapter file?

1 1/4" hose. If you use an adapter keep it as short as possible.

That makes a lot more sense as I think about it. End of the shop vac hose is solid and designed to go into another piece. I’ll have to find some 1-1/4" hose. I really want it to connect to my 2" dust collection.