Dust Collection

I’m in the process of adding a dust collection system to my Lowrider. Here’s the first couple of pics…more to come as the build progresses…

I designed a shoe that fits to the side of the router mounting plate. I’m using a 2HP fixed base router so it takes up all the space inside the roller sections, so these mount to the side. Designed in Fusion360, sliced into segments, and 3D printed in ABS. Next step will be to fuse these segments together, print mirror images of the segments for the other side, and fuse the halves together.

This all connects to a 3" ID dust collection hose suspended from the ceiling by an arm.

What a beast! That looks pretty cool.

I am working on routing some DC in my shop and people say there is drainage PVC pipe that is thinner than the schedule 40. My local he has the fittings but not the pipes any idea where I could get some?

So crazy, looks like a stainless exhaust getting pieced together. Shoot for mounting the flex hose as low as possible or you will get some flex induced from the lever arm you are building.

My Lowe’s has it. Look for pvc sewer pipe.

Here’s the completed manifold system attached and functioning. Using the Silly Winks foam sheets for the shroud around the bottom of it. 4" dust collection hose supported at the ceiling but will be changing to movable arm to support it next to allow full range over the big table. The manifold turned our really light, I’ll post to Thingiverse if anyone is interested.


That’s pretty slick. Looks like it’s leaving a bunch of the chips, but getting the dust. Is that about right?

Getting about 90% of the chips actually. The material is solid surface Corian and I’m removing a ton of meterial. I’m cutting pretty aggressively at 6 mm depth of cut and 1.5 mm width of cut with a 1/4" two flute upcut spiral bit running 1000 mm/min and 28,000 rpm. The flaps like to turn under when the run across and edge then the suction pulls them up. Going to add some curl to them so they stay flipped outwards.

Wow, that’s some fast cutting! Nice!

Those are some impressive cutting speeds and impressive parts, I like it.