Dust Collector

I thought I’d share this for those of you in the same boat I’m in…

All my woodworking equipment is in the garage, not by choice… But by the direction of the voice of she who can’t be denied (aka she who says yea or nay when I want new toys like a mpcnc). Dust it seems is an evil demon creature that must be prevented at all costs.

Current Home Improvemnt Project: Kitchen mods… Move walls, new walls fill in and make new doorways, load bearing etc… New lighting modify kitchen cabnets… Move plumbing… All for a walk in 6x4 pantry.

Present day… Drywall mudding… Sanding… DUST EVERYWHERE!

Lightbulb! brilliant idea! Major Brownie Points with the toy approver!

Me:… Explain brilliant idea…
14 Year old daughter… You mean like the miners did back in the 1800s? You know … What they told us when we toured that mine a week ago?
Me. -.-

Well … Then I tried that fangled doohickey Google…

Well Damn.

Either way… I got to thinking… If this works with the most insideuous dust out there (and it does!)… I’m so moving my workshop back to the basement!

Yeah, that is next up for sure. I just poisoned myself on some wood dust these last few days. I was using the cnc and table saw all day and started to feel bad for being so loud. So trying to be a good neighbor I shut all the doors. Gave up looking for a dust mask after about 10 minutes. Learned a valuable lesson after a few hours of cold sweats and 2 days with no voice. I have a new 7500 series p100 respirator and new filters for the shop vac. Dust collection and fume control are serious. Still hurts to swallow…

Tried to load a pic yesterday but it was too large. But here’s my duct tape and standard shop vac attachment version. 7$ for a bucket with a lid… 1 old t-shirt (put this in the water above the intake pipe supported by whatever you can find to prevent bubble messes), left over duct tape, 1 abused shop vac with hose and accessories. Now all I need to do is make a more permanent version and come up with some sound blocking stuff to quite things before relocating back to the basement … I think I’ll just try Google for that, before straining my brain trying to figure it out on my own.

I used to have one of these. https://www.amazon.com/MT800-Sand-Kleen-Sander-System/dp/B00005A1K8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1469100092&sr=8-1&keywords=drywall+dust+collector

Works great, but it sounds like a dieing elephant because of the ridges in the tubes. I’ve not tried my dust deputy with drywall dust, probably too fine for that. Dust deputy works great for the cnc though! I’ve filled the 5 gallon bucket with sawdust a dozen times now and haven’t had to replace the filter in the shop vac once since then. I use it to clean up after my table saw and chop saw, so that’s quite a bit of crap to clean up.

There are several dust collector cyclone separators on thingiverse, many of which can actually remove incredibly small sized particles.

Also there is a simple plate you can cut to create a cyclone affect as well called a Thien-baffle


It really is an amazing design

Here is my Thien collector. I didn’t want the 5 gallon bucket version, its a little overkill in my mind, so I made my own 2 gallon version. I bought 2 buckets from Home Depot, cut one bucket in half, flipped it upside down, cut a slit about 3/4 in. wide around 2/3 of the inside of the lid, taped the lid to the cut bucket, 3d printed adapters for my hoses and glued them on with construction adhesive, cut the holes, and bungeed it down. From my experience it works great. It catches at least 90% of the dust before going into shop vac. Since it’s smaller, it fits nicely right under my workbench out of the way.