Dust shoe attachment.

Anybody find a way to attach the dust shoe to the gantry and not the router yet? Just milled out some 3/4 ply with a 1/4 endmill and my dust shoe didn’t really pick up much until it was almost all the way through the plywood. I’ve seen other cnc routers that have the dust shoe assembly attached to the gantry and the router goes up and down through it. I have a couple ideas, but if something already exists, that would be easier/probably better.


probably tried all the dust shoes available in Thingiverse, I always end up manually holding my vac. Need to start learning Fusion 360 asap :slight_smile:

Ditto, going to try printing this tonight and test it by the weekend.

I had an idea about this recently actually. Perhaps nozzles could be attached to the bottom of each opening on the z-axis conduit and an adapter on top to go the vacuum. Here is a quick sketch I did that explains it better, the scale is way off. Any thoughts on this?

It’s a cool idea, but the nut traps block a pretty good chunk of the tubes. I’ve clogged my current dust shoe opening with plywood strings already, and it’s about 2 inches square.

Has anyone came up with a working dust shoe?

I’m using this one.

Had to modify it a little, but works great.

http://www.thingiverse.com/make:195550 is the one I am using works great and have it running into this http://www.thingiverse.com/make:225858

If I was German, I’d make something like this:

@Barry, you have a dewalt DW660, right? How did you modify it?

I removed the black part on the collect. I was talking about modifying the dust shoe. I had to cut out a part of it to fit the router attachment.
Google Photos
You can kind of see it in the upper left of this picture. I don’t have a good photo of the dust shoe.

I was looking for a way to make a dust shoe mount like in that video, but there’s no real good way to attach it.

Has anyone tried using the DW660 exhaust air to clear the cutting area? Some kind of shroud to duct the air downward instead of out the 4 sides on the bottom? (I have searched the forum and thingiverse and didn’t see anything)

Not that I’ve seen. I don’t think it would be enough airflow. It would work for a couple minutes, but these things make a crapton of sawdust.

I think I saw something that attached to the collet and was a fan, but you better hope it never falls off.