Dust shoe

Why don’t use the Z-tube for connecting the vac cleaner? It’s there already:) Made the nuttrap as small as possible.

It has been suggested, see: https://www.v1engineering.com/forum/topic/dust-shoe-attachment/

-Please do not attach anything to the Z axis assembly above the tool mount. You will see lots of images of people attaching cable chains, wires, and vacuum hoses to the motor mount. This is the absolute worst place on the entire machine to attach anything! It will act as a torque multiplier and completely ruin your accuracy/precision. Anything necessary should be attached to the main gantry assembly lots of room on the XYZ piece.

Ok, bad idea…

Lol… If you like it then it’s fine. I had thought of that previously but decided against it for a few reasons:

  • highly restricted air flow,
  • doesn’t do a great job of collecting dust/chips,
  • height changes with Z axis.

Try to not restrict the diameter of hose you have. Attach it to the bearing assembly of either X or Y axis. Make it adjustable to the height of your work material, thus allowing for maximum dust collection and free movement of the Z independent of your dust collection.