dust shoe


what are you guys using for the dust shoe? my current one that i got from thingiverse cover to much and makes tool changes impossible without removing. I have seen a lot of theses with magnets as the bottom skirts.

ideas please?


Mine is magnetic. Most dust shoes have to come off for tool changes.

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Kryzstof is working on a pretty neat one that doesn’t move with the router, it attaches to the gantry.

I never understood why you would attach anything to your router, especially an elliptic part.

Even saw mist coolants attached to it. My one will go the gantry as well.

Hopefully the thing you mentioned @Jeffeb3 will be universal, since I do not have a common available router, most stuff on thingiverse won’t fit to it.


Pics near the bottom here:

that is pretty nice


Cause it’s easier! :smiley: