DW660 air blower

I’ve seen people attach air hoses to the end of the spindles to help blow dust out of cuts…

While working on a project today, I noticed that some of the exhaust holes on the DW660 push a lot of air. Has anyone thought of 3d printing a shroud for the exhaust ports to redirect that air down towards the workpiece?

I think I’ll start on a design for that once this project is done.


I did exactly that. I didn’t mention it but Marion noticed and asked about it.

I put it up on thingiverse as-is. It doesn’t have a good print orientation and needs supports. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4323490

The two little pegs go into the ‘nostrils’ and the upper holes are for adjustment screws to tweak the angle (#6 sheet metal screws with the ends made blunt).

I’ll warn you, this blower makes a big mess.


That might work. I need it to clear the button hole for the bit removal.

My first time trying to do a 3d contour… My ability to see space on the screen was pretty bad.

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