DW660 mount

I’m upgrading from my MPCNC. I was wondering if there are plans for a DW660 mount for the Lowrider. I’d really rather not buy another router if I can avoid it and the DW660 is readily available and fairly inexpensive. Maybe some adaptation of the DW660 mount for the MPCNC might be a good way to go?

Other than the easy mounting for a fixed base router, were there any reasons to not go with the DW660?

I think the 660 will work just fine. It is just harder to mount as sturdy and still have some adjustability. The 611 bolts right down includes a way to mount a vac, quick release, ect. For me it just solved a lot of design issues. I will keep the 660 in mind and see if something obvious hits me, I am sure a lot of people wouldn’t mind “recycling” the 660.