DW660 mounts...

What other mounts are out there for the DW660?

I have what I believe is the original one. The problem I have is it seems to have the bit extend way below the bottom of the two Z tubes.

I either need to play with the mount, or try to get one that raises the spindle up more.

You should be able to mount it in a way that the bottom of the collet is about 4mm from the bottom of the Z rails. I believe it is just up one hole.

Yeah. I was looking at it last night and I think I just need to flip the top mount over and then bring the bottom mount up a hole or two.

Well. That could have gone better.

I reprinted the original mounts. (mine were cracked) This meant that I needed to put the part of the router with the “1” back on it. I had removed both of the keyless removal parts.

When I went to get the part out of the box, the spring shot across the garage. Still don’t know where it went. I got the rest of it modified and put the part back on. I kept the locking part out. I ended up modifying the locking part so that it is now a ‘key’ that goes into the slot for locking the spindle.

The second issue I ran into is after assembling everything, I found out that the z height will no longer go low enough to get all the way to the spoil board. I’ll either have to shorten all the legs, or more easily, I’ll add a second spoil board.

On a side note, the spindle feels a lot more solid to the Z axis now. Hopefully this will remove the flexing I was seeing.

Shorter legs will make it more rigid.

It is a bit of work though, I use a stack of spoil boards at times , so I won’t judge you too harshly.